CiudadEscuela Muchachos (CEMU)

La Ciudadescuela Muchachos (CEMU) fue fundada en el año 1970 por el arquitecto Alberto Muñiz Sánchez -Tío Alberto. Organización sin ánimo de lucro.

Erasmus + Youth Exchange

This week we hosted a group of adolescents from Italy and Lithuania for an Erasmus + youth exchange. There are 5 guys in the italian group from Civitas Solis Association and another 5 lithuanians, who came with the NGO Tavo Europa.

During these five days, we have done many workshops about Media & Communication, Cooking dishes from each country, and Cooperation´ Games. We have also learned about the Citizen Game of CEMU.

Bar El Brillante

We went to the Italian and Lithuanian embassies in Madrid to meet with their officials, and we also visited Telemadrid to see how a live newscast is produced and broadcasted.

This exchange allowed us to know the culture of other countries, and learned from people of the same age. It was also helpful for us to interact with boys and girls from such different and far away places.

We have managed to built a good group. We liked it a lot! It has been a great experience to be in CEMU!



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