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La Ciudadescuela Muchachos (CEMU) fue fundada en el año 1970 por el arquitecto Alberto Muñiz Sánchez -Tío Alberto. Organización sin ánimo de lucro.


YOUTH EXCHANGE at CEMU School of Democracy & Media and Communication Management 2019

This is a collaborative project involving one group of residents and external citizens (up to 12 youth), members of the Municipal Corporation of CEMU and the communication team, who will act as hosts and companions on a Youth Exchange in Leganés (Madrid, Spain). The participants from organizations-partner of CiudadEscuela Muchachos come from Denmark (Mariagerfjord Youth School) and Portugal (Parish Council of Tavarede in Figueira da Foz). In total, ten youngsters and two youth leaders per partner-country. The three groups would cooperate to reach an agreement on Climate Change by organizing a Diplomatic Summit with collaboration from the Embassies of Denmark and Portugal in Madrid, and the assistance of local authorities.

The central activity of this project is one youth exchange of five days at CEMU in Madrid. In this time, the visiting boys and girls participate in the activities of the Citizen Game, workshops of various themes and encounters to know each other and play. Especially, they were able to collaborate in the production work that will be carried out by the CEMU Communication team on this Erasmus+ project and about this week of living together. They also produced their own reports to broadcast in their language through the CEMU digital media platforms and those of their own organization.

Revista CiudadEscuela

The subsequent dissemination of videos and other information materials in Spanish and other languages through the social networks of the CiudadEscuela allow many others from several countries to know about this coexistence program and request new visits in the near future. Since 1970, the CiudadEscuela Magazine has been published and, since the 1980s, Antena CEMU Radio has been operating as a training station. In 2015, the YouTube channel of CEMU RTV Digital was opened.

The youth participants did contribute to the main activity with planning and decision making on the timetable. In particular, they choose their cultural visits in Madrid and Toledo to determine what interviews and reports to develop together. Of course, there was time and space to getting to know each other and learn about other cultural costumes, ways of thinking, likes, etc. through informal settings.

During the weeks prior to the exchange, the youngsters working on this project also used Internet to exchange mutual knowledge of their partners, as well as their respective organizations and their countries and cultures. After meeting at CEMU, small reports and projects were exchanged for public digital dissemination in each country in order to publicize the opportunities offered by Erasmus +, as well as the activities carried out by the organizations in their respective countries and, above all, to show the culture from each participating country.

Finally, CEMU wishes to promote in Europe its methodology of education in freedom based on learning through a democratic practice that aspires to nurture responsible, solidary and committed citizens enthusiastic about social change, a true model of European citizenship.



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